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world blu logoThis year has been nothing but magical for Guayaki: we released our new sparkling cans, had a wildly energetic time at Expo, and made B Corp’s list of companies “Best for the World”. Our dream of producing sustainable, mission-driven yerba mate has become a collective reality, one we’re all working towards and sharing for the benefit of our greatest good.

And when we say all, we mean all: WorldBlu just released its annual list of the Most Democratic Workplaces. We made it! And we’re honored to say we’ve made it every year since 2007. And this doesn’t just recognize the passion we all have for our work, or the way we work so well together. It also reflects the spirit of community that grows around yerba mate.

When sharing a gourd of mate with another person or a group, enjoying incredible health and energy are just the beginning. Mate inspires a sense of openness: ideas are shared, passions exchanged, friendships are forged, and communities are born. Nourishing these feelings of mutual trust and support, the creation of a working environment where we each have a voice, open opportunities and a strong feeling of being welcome where we are just comes naturally. Yerba mate creates democratic workplaces! We should all be so blessed. And we’re working on that.

As with everything, we share this award with you, for making our mission successful and helping us make our work happen.