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Of all the questions we get asked, these are perhaps the ones we hear most: Where ARE you? Why can’t I find you at my local store, or why does my local store only carry certain Guayaki products and not others? When will you sell at larger grocers or closer to my home?

First: How awesome is it that everyone loves yerba mate?? We love it so much that word of Guayaki is spreading — not only are you choosing a healthier path for your body, you’re putting your cash into a pro-planet product and supporting our mission to restore rainforest. We’re doing everything we can to be available wherever possible, but ultimately, it’s not up to us. It’s up to the stores, and up to you.

So if you want to see Guayaki at your local store, help us out. Here’s what you can do:

      1. Print out our [Product Request Form]  and fill it in with the type of Guayaki you want (cans, bottles, tea bags, loose leaf), and any other info on the form that you think would be helpful. This form is not for us — it’s for YOUR stores!
      2. Give the form to the place where you’d like to buy Guayaki Yerba Mate. It can be a big or small grocer, local shop, convenience store . . . wherever you go, and wherever you would want to buy yerba mate. You can give it to a customer service desk, a store manager, or whoever is responsible for making purchases at the store.
      3. Tell your friends to do it, too! The more requests a store gets, the more they’ll see that people want yerba mate.

That’s it! It boils down to this:

To a place of business, your word speaks louder than ours. If you love us, tell the places you shop.

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Other tips:

      • If the place you normally buy Guayaki is out of stock or doesn’t stock your favorite kind, tell them! Fill the form out or mention it to the people working. If they know you want it, they’ll work to get it for you.
      • If you love Twitter like we do, find your stores’ Twitter handles (if they have them) or email addresses and ask for Guayaki. But know that to a store, that form means a lot, because it shows that you actually, physically shop there.
      • If you have yerba mate lovers in your community and have ideas, send them to us! We’re here to connect and mobilize. Tweet us @guayaki or email We’re frighteningly responsive.

Yerba mate is a drink of empowerment and community. Know your power.