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We feel deep love and a close connection with the ocean, and we’re stoked on the sport of stand-up paddling. Trainer Jaime Donnelly from SUP drinks mate and prepares folks for the water intensely. Here’s her routine and her take on how the plant helps her navigate the waves:

Stand-Up Paddling is not only the fastest growing water sport in the world, but one of the most fun, exciting and physically challenging as well. For me, a handy snack of a few walnut stuffed dates  (quick sugar with some fat) along with a can of Guayaki Revel Berry chilled yerba mate gets the job done pre-race or for intense training. As opposed to the caffeine in a cup of coffee, yerba mate keeps me balanced, focused, and energized not only through my workout but for the rest of the day. Best thing about mate – there is absolutely no crash. The plant/food based nutrition is actually beneficial to my health, versus depleting like the alternative (synthetic) options. Since I have started consuming mate, my body feels noticeably more hydrated and balanced; my stamina is consistent.


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