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New Guayaki Yerba Mate bottles: Our ‘Pure’ line transforms to Tereré Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page
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Guayaki Terere bottles

As the message of yerba mate continues to grow, we feel the call to evolve our offerings and share as much as we can about the significance of this plant. With love for mate’s incredible specialness, culture and meaning, our bottles have been reborn, and our line of “Pure” flavors will be called what they truly are: Tereré.

Tereré means “cold mate” in Spanish. It refers to the cool infusions of yerba mate beloved in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. You can’t go far in any of these lands without seeing mate lovers carrying a thermos full of ice water with a holster for a gourd or guampa, ready for a pour and share. Enjoyed with simply the rich flavor of the leaf or fused with lime, orange, pineapple, or any other citrus or juice, it’s a beautiful delight for the spirit on a warm summer day.

We’re excited to bring this piece of mate culture to our fans, friends, and family, further deepening our mate community and connecting to a tradition we know to be magical.


  • calmerthanyouare

    I just started buying this at Harmon’s in Utah! Thank you!!! I was in PY in the 80s and when I saw the Guayaki label I almost fell down. I totally want to see the word Terere on the can :) With a big guampa and bombillia!! Aguyjeiterei!!