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How does Guayaki do the ‘B’ in B Corp? Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page
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don-miguel-bcorpMore companies are becoming aware of the fundamental need to do business in a way that resonates with our greatest good. There are now over 1,000 certified Benefit Corporations worldwide, all finding their own way to meet “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

There isn’t one type of B Corp. We’re part of a diverse community of companies operating in different markets, each finding their own way to honor their deeper beneficial purpose. And each of us will do B Corp a little bit differently.

Part of our way of walking a sustainable path is by maintaining our grassroots approach. Guayaki began with a small team seeding yerba mate across the U.S., and we’re still a small team — although with our mission, we do big work. The way we think of Guayaki, those sharing our mate and participating in our business do the work with us.

We also don’t buy advertising — which can be challenging for a company in the North American drink market, where big-budget marketing is the standard. Our resources are budgeted so that most of our money goes to our rainforest reservations — and by our latest count, we’ve saved 29,600 rainforest acres in 2013, which is $29.5 million trees and $23.6 million in ecosystem services. If that money went to advertising, we wouldn’t get our work done.

Slow movement and lack of flash may seem counter-intuitive in our industry, but walking the slow road has helped us accomplish some beautiful work protecting and restoring the rainforest. And we can use the extra time to breathe and enjoy our steps amidst the trees.