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Yerba mate stories: Mate, a mountain, and surviving Katrina Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page
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mountainmateIn our latest giveaway, we’re listening to stories from Guayaki fans about their first yerba mate experiences. This week, our winner came from Instagram: Suzanne from Oregon shared this picture of a mountain and described her first gourd ritual, where she would watch the view and sip mate with a friend. When we heard the full story, we felt how powerful the mate really was in her life, and the subtle but crucial way it gave her strength.

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From Suzanne:

I’m originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. When Katrina hit in 2005, my husband and I lived less then a block up from the beach and everything was destroyed. A lot of friends and family had flooding or roof tile damage, our house was basically in the eye and it was beyond soul shattering.

We packed up the few things we had and came to visit friends that moved to Oregon. I’m sure we had post traumatic stress along with culture shock. Our amazing friends did everything to comfort us. Coffee is big out here, but in that state I could not even think of the jitters mixing with my imbalance of myself.

My friend made me some Guayaki Yerba Mate, and it began our mountain viewing ritual. Some days with a book, some days with music, some with tears. It really became my special thing that I could do (that and the show Arrested Development). Some days, they went hand-in-hand. I didn’t have to wake up and feel sad; I got up and was making my drink, and it’s what I was doing.

Eventually, we had to go back to Mississippi to deal with FEMA, and I had a duffle bag of Guayaki with me. Being back there was too tough, and most everyday I thought to myself, “It’s fine, we will move back to Oregon, I will sit with my drink and my mountain.”

In 2007, we moved back, and everything was awesome again. When I send a care package to my southern friends I always include things I know they aren’t ready for! Local chocolates, outrageous local publications, and mate. When a friend stops by having a tough day, I make them some with honey and half and half and we chill out. I have converters from coffee.