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Breakfast in a can: Sparkling Guayaki Yerba Mate with Vegan Eggs & Bacon Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page
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It’s time to revolutionize our morning ritual! We’re proud to bring you the first breakfast mate that is certified organic, vegan, and fair trade.

We’ve fused the essence of our sparkling yerba mate with one of our most beloved morning meals. Wake to that familiar bubbly, effervescent lift of mate and a pleasant, mellow after-taste of vegan bacon and egg chunks. A treat to both drink and chew.

When the spirit of the rainforest meets the power of your favorite breakfast, the potential is limitless: Boundless energy, hearty morning sustenance, and a body ready to take on any task that comes your way. And what a time-saver!

On groceries shelves this summer.

  • Jtrillian

    This is a joke, right?

    • Kristen Christian

      Is it April Fool’s Day?

  • shisosocial

    “Egg chunks” was the best part. Good one!