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Sharing optimismThis card came to us from John, a passionate optimist who is on a mission to share positivity with all who come to his farmers market produce stand. John has handed out 22,000 copies of The Optimist Creed,” a small card with 10 objectives for living a positive life.  He says people have come back to him with stories of how their life has changed in remarkable ways, and shared a disclaimer that these aren’t for everyone: You need to be prepared to live a great life.

John’s directions: Read these in the morning and in the evening — and more, if you dare.

Here they are, as listed in the picture. See which ones resonate strongly with you.

The Optimist Creed

Promise Yourself:


To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

To think only of the best, to work only for the best and expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance  at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large to worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

Being in the circus requires an endless wellspring of dedication and energy, and acrobat / stuntman Dmitrious Bistrevsky has that. He’s driven by a passion for performance, constantly training to work on an ever-growing repertoire of tricks. The results are dazzling: He can do handstands, back flips, complex balancing and juggling — and that’s just where his list begins.

We met Dmitrious at a circus festival in Los Angeles and were blown away by everything he could do. Not to mention, he’s 6’7! His focus is inspiring, as is his training schedule: He’s working out daily to improve his skill set and be ready for auditions and shows. While most of his energy comes from his regimen and determination, we also discovered he was occasionally dipping into coffee and a few notorious energy drinks with some not-so-great ingredients. We just had to step in.

We gave Dmitrious cans of Revel Berry, Enlighten Mint, Lemon Elation, and each of our sparkling yerba mate flavors, and he’s heeding the call: He’s feeling it! That pic on the right is Exhibit A, and we’ll be posting more of these on our Instagram feed as we get them. Hope he’s not considering juggling any sparkling yerba mate cans…

If you’ve been drinking Guayaki Yerba Mate for a long time, you know everything that we’re about. For people who are new to the wonders of the mate plant and the Guayaki mission, we find it hard to sum up everything that we do.

That’s why we turned to our friends at Free Range, a company that does wonderful storytelling work, and we’re amazed and grateful for what they were able to convey in just two minutes: The energy and power of yerba mate, our sustainable practices, our mission to restore 200,000 acres of South American rainforest, and our partnership with indigenous farmers. And a very cute monkey. It’s a gourdful!

Enjoy our new animated video and please post and retweet widely to help us get the message out. Thank you for continuing to share the gifts of the yerba mate plant, and for doing this very important work with us.

(Micah Cruver, also known as DJ Anski, runs FundRaver; a positive-minded group that puts on fundraisers and electronic dance events for thousands of students and organizations across the country. Find out more at

DJ Anski

4am. Portland, Oregon. The crisp sound of a freshly opened can of Guayaki has become synonymous with the start of an adventure. This was the beginning of something great. Miles of moonlit road speed underneath a vehicle packed to the roof with DJ equipment, lasers, strobe lights, beach balls and Yerba Mate.
Seven hours, three-hundred fifty miles and one amazing sunrise later, FundRaver had finally arrived at Gonzaga University.
As sound technicians unloaded massive speakers from the back of a large truck, a mountain of Guayaki was built on the front of a quickly growing stage. The event was to be a fundraiser for an on-campus student group, who had shown up hours in advance to help decorate and blow up beach balls. Crew members scuttled around, testing lighting and checking audio levels as the line of people grew outside. Finally, after hours of methodic setup, the stage sprung to life. The lights were turned off, and the doors flung open.DJ Anski charges the crowd
Excited students were greeted with chest-ratting bass and a fresh can of Yerba Mate upon entering the colorful world of FundRaver. Packed out within minutes, the venue was suddenly filled with mate-infused students, many of which wouldn’t stop dancing until the sun rose the next morning. Strobe lights illuminated a massive crowd, and lasers danced across the walls. A massive screen covered in colorful motion graphics displayed the phrase “Go Zags!”, and a thunderous cheer erupted from the dancing crowd. This was going to be a night to remember.

Electronic dance music has become a rapidly expanding scene, and maintaining energy during these massive events can be a struggle for DJs and dancers alike. For many, yerba mate is becoming an increasingly sought-after beverage, due to its healthy properties and awesome power. It’s truly a beautiful thing that something so natural has such a perfect place amid so much technology.

DJ Anski brings the sparkling Guayaki yerba mate
After a climatic finale of a Don’t Stop Believin’ remix echoed throughout the halls of Cataldo, the crowd finally dispersed; still buzzing about what they just experienced. Every drop of Guayaki had been consumed (except for the two cans secretly hidden away for the drive home). It’s rare to see so many people stick around until the very end, but the combination of amazing music, good people, and bountiful energy made this event something truly special.

Darrin Moreira is a North Vancouver-based personal fitness coach who uses Guayaki Yerba Mate in a number of his recipes. Learn more about him at

As a fitness professional, one thing that I often hear from customers is that they don’t want to be taking in extra calories when they are trying to create a calorie deficit to lose weight. Consequently, a pre-workout meal often gets overlooked.

These are all the basic ingredients that you’d need to prepare a whole array of different drinks or gels. I have a 25 kilometer (15.5 mile) trail race coming up, so I’ll explain how I prepare a drink for that event. Ingredients for pre-workout recipe

Basic ingredients:

  • Guayaki Yerba Mate
  • Agave Nectar
  • Coconut oil
  • Dates
  • Hemp or rice protein powder
  • Chia
  • Lemons
  • Salt
  • Coconut water

Recipe for a 25 kilometer / 15.5 mile race

In a blender, process:

  • 1 large date
  • 1 tablespoon agave
  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 10-13 grams of protein powder (depending on what brand you use this should be about half a scoop)
  • Juice from half a lemon + zest
  • Pinch of salt
  • Brewed Guayaki Yerba Mate (1-2 table spoons loose leaf) with as much water as desired.

Nutritional information (approximate)

Calories 210

36 grams carbohydrates

12 grams of protein

2 grams of fat

I generally just throw the mate leaves in the blender with the other stuff, but if that doesn’t work with your pallet, you can steep with water and let it cool — then use the prepared drink instead of water.

These drinks can be altered in various ways. For instance, I might add coconut water instead of agave to boost the electrolyte content or throw in some chia to add fibre and omega-3 fatty acids to make the energy release even slower. For a short workout, I might just have a cup of yerba mate with a date or mate with coconut water.

The dates provide you with almost pure glucose with gets absorbed into your blood stream right away to provide energy. The agave is mostly fructose which is a simple sugar (like glucose) but it doesn’t get absorbed as quickly so it will be released after the glucose has been used up. The coconut oil is a saturated fat. Convention tells us that this is a no go. However, the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil are absorbed very quickly and used for energy much the same way as glucose. The protein used now will help speed recovery later on after the workout as well as prolong the release of energy for the race. The lemon and salt both provide electrolytes which will be especially important on an event where you’ll be sweating a lot (the lemon also makes it taste nice.)

The mate will not only provide you with a host of phytonutrients, which aid in long-term health, but they have a stimulating effect. Phytonutrients are non-essential chemicals found in different plant based foods that, while not necessary for life, provide other benefits. This helps with mental focus and as numerous studies suggest, can help you push harder during endurance activities.


That’s just one recipe that can be made for a particular event. In a 25 kilometer / 15.5 mile race, I’ll burn upwards of 1 800 calories (I’m about 73 kilos). And I start out with just 210 calories! Of course, with a race like this I’ll take a second or third drink with me to fuel part way through depending on when I need it. My endurance (during workout food) drinks are about the same as a pre-workout drink.

I really like to use Guayaki because it is sustainably harvested and the quality is unsurpassed. I believe that to properly take care of our bodies, we must, at the same time, take care of the Earth. So I always use what products that I think best fit with this view.

Recipe versus workout in calories

Let’s consider this with a 50 kilogram / 110 pound runner who is going to run for an hour. By running for 10 kilometers on an empty stomach, she will burn 500 calories (to find calories burned while on a steady run, multiply kilometers ran by your mass in kilograms).

Now, let’s assume that she uses a well-designed preworkout drink that contains 70 calories right before her run. In that one hour, she might be able to push a little harder — run 12 kilometers, burning 600 calories in her hour. Though she initially consumed more calories than she might have wanted for that day, she was able to push harder and burn an extra 100 calories. Thus her net calories burned were still greater even though she ate something extra. This example is intended to simplify how consuming a few extra calories may not be a bad thing, please do not take it literally.


In our work, we meet many people who experience mate deeply, and we get to hear so many stories that we love! Here’s one from our friend Corinne, a vegan and lover of organics hailing from LA.

I had never heard of mate 13 years ago. I also didn’t know anyone from Paraguay. That is, until I met a guy named Alfredo at a punk rock party in the San Fernando Valley. My life has been full of surprises ever since then. We have had many adventures together, from touring the country in a van with his band, to traveling to Paraguay to visit Alfredo’s family.

Alfredo told me about mate and how it’s part of his culture and upbringing. I had it with his mom and dad and siblings here in America from time to time when we hung out, but I really was able to experience how much it was a part of his life when we visited his extended relatives in Paraguay. They drank it in the morning, and the afternoon and at night. They drank it at parties, at the park and in the car. It was every where and there was always a reason to drink it!Traditionalparaguaydance

When Alfredo and I met, we were very different people. I was a vegetarian who didn’t drink or do anything too wild. Alfredo was a meat eater who lived his life in excess. He was always going from one extreme to another.  We co-existed very well though, and over time we’ve grown so much.

A couple of years ago, we decided it was time to go vegan for our health and the planet. We went from eating non-organic vegan food with a lot of processed fake meats, etc. to now being organic vegans who primarily eat whole foods. We try to buy locally too and be as sustainable as possible.

This is why organic mate is the way to go for us. Supporting communities in Third World countries, like Paraguay where Alfredo was born, and putting something chemical-free and healthy into our bodies just makes sense to us.

We feel so great when we drink it too! We are very athletic now and have found it works far better than coffee for us when it comes to long-lasting energy. I also love the fact that drinking from our gourd together is a bonding experience. Instead of doing something separate, it has a way of bring friends and family together.  It’s an old tradition that I see lasting for a very long time! Mate will always have a place in our hearts.

Donn Felker is CTO of tech company Qonqr and author of the books Android Tablet Dev for Dummies and Android App Dev for Dummies. Struggling with his coffee addiction, he made a Facebook post asking his friends for ideas. One of them suggested yerba mate, leading Donn on this journey:

gourdI never liked coffee until about my mid twenties. I found some sugary sweet drink that was some thing called a “latte”. I ended up liking it and ordered one whenever I met my friends at a coffee shop. Over time I noticed that these things also carried quite the “zing” (and jitters among other things) after I drank it. Before I knew it, a couple years later I was having a coffee every other day. Then I got married and my wife loves coffee. She brewed it all the time at home so I started having a cup here and there and made my own version of latte’s and such. Fast forward five years later and I’m a two cup of coffee drinker per day. If it was a late night it could be 3-4 cups of coffee to get the engine going.

As time progressed over the last year or so I noticed a change in the color of my teeth (as do all coffee drinkers usually). I brush my teeth so its not a hygiene issue. My dentist told me “you have very porous teeth, and if you drink coffee it will be absorbed into your teeth. Sure you can brush, but thats why your teeth are looking a shade or two darker.” That literally grossed me out. I was also growing very tired of the jitters and was beginning to have problems sleeping at night because I had so much coffee flowing through my system. I wanted to quit, I was done. I wanted brighter teeth (and better smelling breath, who likes coffee breath anyway?). So I tried to quit, cold turkey … oops.

Second day into quitting the massive headaches hit. I was grumpy, blah, not feeling good. Long story short, I started drinking coffee again. I tried cutting back, didn’t work. I tried slowly removing myself off of coffee, nope, didn’t work. I eventually didn’t even like the taste of it anymore, but I needed it. I couldn’t believe it… I was hooked on coffee. What the hell!  How could I let this happen!? Almost amused at the fact that I was hooked I posted on Facebook about how I was hooked on coffee and wanted to get off but wasn’t sure how. I mentioned I liked Yerba Mate and was going to give it a try but it seemed that the tea packets didn’t pack enough punch to help me get past NOT drinking coffee. That’s when my old friend Mateo commented and said I needed to try the loose leaf yerba mate instead.

new yerba mate drinker donn felker

After some conversation with Mateo about the loose leaf I was able to finally get my hands on some loose leaf Guayaki Yerba Mate as well as a Mate Gourd (a gourd is a cup that is made from a Gourd plant and is used in traditional drinking of the mate). Mateo informed me that drinking the mate that was loose leaf allowed the mate to be brewed as strong as coffee. Using the gourd took some getting used to, but I enjoyed it. It was a different experience and I’m glad to have one. However, I’m a klutz and I work at the computer a good part of the day so I could possibly spill it over a few thousand dollars worth of equipment – not good. To combat this and still have the great effects of the loose leaf tea but to also be safe around my electronics I picked up a French Press Travel Mug I can now bring Mate with me while I travel.

I used the gourd for about two weeks and noticed a great improvement in my quality of life. The first major benefit I noticed was that I slept like a rock at night. Apparently yerba mate helps you sleep at night when you drink it during the day. Very cool.  The second was that I did not have any caffeine/coffee withdrawals – I had plenty of energy.  Third, I didn’t experience the jitters or crash that you can get with coffee or even black or green tea.  I also felt VERY CLEAN when I drank it. Sometimes coffee (even with rice milk or almond milk) still sat very heavy in my stomach at times (this was only my experience so your mileage may vary). I did not have the brown staining effects of coffee as well as nasty coffee breath. Finally, I was able to finally kick the coffee habit. The one super nice thing about this? I’m able to enjoy an occasional coffee again. I still love the smell and the occasional taste of it. So every couple of weeks or maybe once a month I’ll have a cup of coffee, iced coffee or something that has coffee in it, simply because I want to… not because I have to. I’ve been able to go days without drinking tea and not have cravings or withdrawls of the sort. Overall its been a great experience.

Tips on kicking the coffee habit with mate: I’ve tried a few brands of mate and the kind that worked best for me (and the kind I liked the best) was the Guayaki Yerba Mate. You can find it at health stores like Whole Foods and the like. Make sure you buy the loose leaf kind and make sure you have a tea infuser, coffee maker for French press. Quitting coffee is like quitting any other drug – you have to be emotionally invested in quitting. Spend a few bucks, get a good infuser (get used to the occasional leaf in your tea, it won’t kill you) and/or a gourd. Drink it early in the morning when you wake up or when you normally drink coffee (I know many folks who only drink coffee after lunch). Basically… replace it with your coffee routine. I now take a bag of mate with me when I travel and I bring my travel press. Hot water is usually easily found at a hotel and then you’re off to a good morning with some good tea.

Have fun and enjoy!

– Donn Felker

dj anski

DJ ANSKI – raving   by Micah Cruver 

Friday morning, as the sun came up, we brewed some fresh loose-leaf mate to help us prepare for the long journey ahead. After packing up the trunk and back seat with Guayaki, DJ gear, balloons, lasers, and lighting equipment, we hit the road. Hours of pumping music, thickening forests, and resisting the urge to break into the cans and bottles of organic gold in the back went by, and we finally arrived at our destination, Bellingham Washington.

As I set up the lighting system and DJ gear, the crew unloaded the mate, and set a case upon every table. 15 cases should be enough, right? We were about to find out. After everything was set up, we all took a moment to snag a bottle of Pure Endurance, hoping it would help carry us through the next 4 hours of madness. People started to trickle in as the front doors were opened; the show was about to start. WIthin minutes, the entire auditorium was packed, and people started to crowd around the tables, curious about this new drink. I had a few minutes before I needed to head onstage, so I told a large group of neon-clan students the benefits of yerba mate, and they were excited for the extra energy boost they would need later on in the night. I had to head up and prep to go on, so I asked a couple of my crew members to hang around the tables and explain the Guayaki story to people before it got too loud.

Half an hour into the set, we hit maximum capacity. Almost 800 Western Washington University students had crowded into the multipurpose room, and were currently all jumping in unison, singing along to a remix of “What is Love?” as the strobe lights flashed, and lasers scanned the crowd. It was definitely a night to remember. I have never seen such a positive, high-energy group like this at any of my events so far, and I have a feeling part of it was due to the organic caffeine a large portion had been lucky enough to enjoy.

Guayaki has become my ultimate fuel for DJ performance, and something I always want to share with the crowds and fans. I’m greatly looking forward to the next event, and opportunity to share the gift of yerba mate!

Can you spot the Guayaki in each one?


-Micah Cruver


University Cebador, Portland State University