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The road-less, native village of Kyuquot out on the remote outer coast of British Columbia has a small general store. Occasionally it’s open. “Not today though,” a kid with a fishing pole shouted down from the Government Dock, towering over our heads. “It’s Thursday, eh.” What were we thinking…eh? Thursday. Of course.

Joe and I had everything we needed for three weeks of self-supported kayaking; it was crammed in the hulls of our boats, in the Pelicases strapped behind our seats or swimming in the water around us… everything but the damned honey!

Yerba Mate is great for kayaking, particularly touring or expeditions. A bunch of us from the San Juan Islands like to paddle the northwest coast of BC. We often go in big, tribal-like groups, other times with a partner, sometimes alone. We love this wild seacoast that civilization hasn’t caught up with yet and we love the challenge of getting there under our own power in our own small boats. We look forward to an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, high pressure and hot sand and even the great gales and storms of September, and we try and spend several weeks or more here each year. Read More

AHA! Say it in your head or shout it out loud. Either way it inspires a sense of jubilation. I had one of these moments recently while on a camping trip in Yosemite. In late March, Yosemite got dumped on. For the outdoor enthusiast, this refers to a copious amount of snow in a short amount of time.

Did I have you thinking there for a moment that I am a professional outdoors-man, a camper, hiker or trekker? Cause I am so not. Actually, I spend all my free time at the beach. I play professional beach volleyball and am an avid health and wellness advocate.

Bio: Long story short, I ate like crap growing up, got sick all the time and had acne that followed me well into my twenties and I was fed up with my reality. I tried everything without success until I shelled out $50 for the “Acne Yoda” e-book. This was my first AHA! moment where I started to understand that my health was the result of what I put in my mouth. Read More