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hurricane sandy

Our teammate Bobbi sent this message out to our staff this morning, which resonates with many of us across the country. Donate to relief efforts like the American Red Cross, GlobalGiving, or other relief efforts on the ground working to help victims at this time.


Hurricane Sandy really did a number on the East Coast.  Even though you don’t hear much on the news there are thousands and thousands of people whose homes have been completely destroyed…and many more thousands who are not able to stay in their homes until all the damage is cleaned up.   They are dealing with muck and yuck and salt water that flooded their homes.  Mold is developing and the smells in their homes is horrible.  I understand there are even areas still without power.

These people will not be celebrating Christmas like you and I.

How do I know?  Because the Red Cross has asked my husband if he would be willing to spend a few more weeks on the East coast.   The Red Cross will not pull out until people are settled back in their homes.

If you are planning on making a charitable donation before the end of the year please keep the Red Cross in mind.  They are doing good work.