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pope and mate

Pope Francis, mate, and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez
Every time we pass a gourd, we can feel in our hearts the ability yerba mate has to transcend boundaries and bring peace, community, and connection. It’s exciting to see this spirit carried by the new Argentine Pope Francis as he takes on the papacy.

The ritual of enjoying yerba mate from a gourd is one a majority of Argentinians enjoy daily. Beyond its place in the hearts of Argentinians as a well-beloved tradition, yerba mate also contains a wealth of nutrients¬†— a host of vitamins, minerals and other compounds, as well as caffeine to provide a welcoming boost.

Where to find organic Guayaki Yerba Mate

Pope Francis’s first gift from a world leader was a mate kit from Argentine President Cristina Fernandez (pictured above from Reuters), who presented the gift upon their first diplomatic meeting. The mate kit was made up of a new gourd, bombilla, and thermos to hold warm water.

We’re excited for the positive messages Pope Francis will share with the world, knowing that one who shares yerba mate holds intention of community, love, and peace. This is our daily practice and our company mission: explore for yourself the wonders of yerba mate and learn more about our work to restore the South American rainforest.